Netclearance Systems INC.


Ideal for high-performance enterprise-grade proximity applications.The mBeacon3 is the industry's first PC (Proximity Computer) with a 1Ghz processor running embedded Linux and integrated Wi-Fi (802.11) and BLE radio technology.
Small, compact, wall-plate-mountable form factor easily installs indoors and outdoors with remote monitoring and maintenance through cloud-based management.The mBeacon3 also supports a variety of connectivity options via integrated Wi-Fi, Ethernet (PoE) and Cellular (with modem card).
The mBeacon3 supports a variety of business optimization applications such as offline analytics, mobile engagement, workforce management, asset tracking and logistics
For a better understanding of the project that you want to develop with beacons, please feel free to contact us and we advise you on which is the best model to achieve your objectives.

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