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Loc8tor Pet 

The smallest and most accurate system for finding your cat or dog if they go missing, or even just when you want them home for dinner.


  • Locate your pet if they get lost - this pet homing device helps you quickly find them. Also ideal for kittens and new petswho're still finding their way around the local area


  • Check if your pet is going somewhere it shouldn't - pets are curious creatures and many 'lost' pets have simply got stuck in a neighbour's shed or up a tree. Loc8tor Pet will guide you straight to them so you can check


  • Pinpoint directional technology - much more effective than GPS, and ideal for finding those tricky hiding places


  • Shows you where to find them - The Loc8tor handset directs you to your cat's exact location, guiding you to within 1 inch accuracy


  • Train your cat to return home - Use Loc8tor just before you feed them and they'll associate the discreet beep with food. It's often enough to have them running home for their dinner


It's like an extra insurance policy for your cat

A microchip identifies your lost cat – but only if someone finds it first. GPS trackers are heavy, and despite the hype, not accurate enough for finding cats in many of their hiding places. The unique Loc8tor Pet is the world's leading cat finder and has already saved thousands of cats around the world from getting lost. Loc8tor Pet gives cat owners real peace of mind.

Dual directional technology

Loc8tor Pet's unique dual directional technology system gives you both audio and visual cues to guide you right to your cat. It works like an electronic game of hot and cold and will show you the right direction to walk to find your cat.

Pinpoint accuracy to within 1 inch (2.5cm)

Curious cats can get themselves into all sorts of scrapes, and sometimes they just like to hide. Our patented RF-based technology is accurate enough to find where she's hiding in a bush, under the bed, or even more obscure places. So rest assured that while your cat is in range, you should always be able to find them.

Long range - up to 400 feet (122 metres)

Loc8tor Pet can track up to 400 feet in clear line of sight, so you can find your cat where she's hiding in the house as well as in neighbouring gardens and streets. Cats are mostly territorial, and tend not to stray too far – Loc8tor Pet can pinpoint their position if they're locked in someone's garage or stuck up a tree.

Long battery life (up to 7 months)

Unlike GPS trackers, Loc8tor is there when you need it for months on end. Replacement batteries are inexpensive and because you get two homing tags in the pack, you've always got a spare.

Smallest, lightest tag - just 5 grams

It takes seconds to fit the lightweight tag to your cat's collar with the splashproof case (supplied), and no time at all to learn how to use the intuitive handset – just press the button, and follow the audio and visual cues leading you to your cat.

Splashproof protection for your tags

For some added protection and reassurance, we have included some splashproof tag cases, which not only make it easier to attach the tags to your cat's collar, but also aim to increase the lifespan of your tags by protecting them from water damage.

Train your cat to understand the beep

Many of our customers have trained their cat to respond to the beep that the tag emits when activated. By using treats and some initial training, you can get your cat to return home of it's own volition when you press the button to find it.

One-off payment with no monthly charges

Loc8tor Pet is designed to be a one-off buy. With no hidden charges or rental costs, it's a single payment to protect your cat for years.

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