Loc8tor Lite

Loc8tor Ltd.


  • Much more accurate than any other finding device - If you can't remember where you put it, or someone's hidden it, Loc8tor Lite will find it, quickly and easily. The credit card-sized handset gives you audio and visual cues to lead you straight to what you're looking for, with 1-inch accuracy, in a way in which no other device can

  • Works through doors and walls - With a range up to 122m/400ft (in clear line of sight) it can help ensure you won't lose anything again

  • Smallest, lightest and best performing mini homing tag of its kind in the world - Keys are one of the most common household items that regularly go missing, but at only 5 grams, you can attach the small tag to virtually anything

Dual directional technology

Down the back of the sofa, under the table, behind the bedpost, your keys and other items can end up in the oddest places. Our patented directional RF-based technology is accurate enough to find your things in even the most unlikely places by using audio and visual cues to guide you right to your stuff.

Accurate to within 1 inch (2.5cm)

No other finding device is as accurate as Loc8tor. Our unique handset will guide you to your tagged item, to within 1 inch, and our mini homing tags will enable quick discovery by also emitting an audible beep.

Long range - up to 400 feet (122 metres)

Loc8tor Lite can track up to 400 feet (122m) in clear line of sight – far enough to track your stuff in your home or at work, in the garden, or even outside in your car.

Long battery life (up to 7 months)

Loc8tor Lite is there when you need it for months on end. Replacement batteries are inexpensive and if you don't actively track anything, it remains in 'passive' mode, conserving battery life.

Smallest, lightest tag - just 5 grams (it's your new key fob)

It takes seconds to fit the lightweight tag to your keyring, or you can use the supplied sticky tab to attach it to your remote control, camera, phone or just about anything else. It takes no time at all to learn how to use the intuitive handset – just press the button, and follow the audio and visual cues leading you to your things.

One-off payment with no monthly charges

Loc8tor Lite is designed to be a one-off buy. With no hidden charges or rental costs, it's a single payment to protect your things (and give you peace of mind) for years

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